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Saturday Rant…O J Simpson

In Case You Missed it, on April 11, 2024 OJ Simpson died from Cancer at the age of 76.


Ironically (or NOT) when a former football hall of famer dies there is usually an outpouring of comments, statements, and remembrances from former team mates, coaches, and other players.


Not this time.


Instead, the meme world has been lit up with a multitude of memes commemorating (if you want to call it that) the “Juice” and highlights from his career before AND especially after football.


We are keeping an arm’s length from addressing this event for numerous reasons.


But that doesn’t keep us from turning today’s rant over to one of our favorite Ranters, Scoob Martin…whose birthday happens to be April 11.


So, take it away Scooby…




James, personally I could care less about OJ Simpson dying.   Because, like most sports fans, we loved his talents and records set in the NFL during his career with the Buffalo Bills.

And after the murder trial he became persona non grata for obvious reasons.

And I was extremely annoyed to hear one CNN reporter make a revealing Freudian slip (or maybe it was on purpose) when she suggested people were “happy to see” OJ Simpson “get away with” it because he was black.

But some of the history behind OJ needs to be brought to the surface to reveal the plague brought on from his murder trial.

It all started back in 1970 when the Buffalo Bills barely lost the last game of the season by missing on a bad pass for a touchdown.

It should have been caught and they would have won the game.

But Nooooo.

Buffalo had another strategy by losing that game.

The loss allowed them to get the first pick in the following draft…that being OJ Simpson.

As far as football lore is concerned you could say that the rest was history.

However, OJ hung around Buffalo where he met his wife, Nicole, who he eventually (allegedly) killed her.

Then he hires Robert Kardashian to be his lawyer.

And here’s where you insert:

The rest is history.

They win the case making the Kardashians somewhat famous.

Then, Kim Kardashian drops the sex bomb tape and becomes very famous.

So, basically the 1970 Buffalo Bills are the reason why we have to put up with the Kardashians today, because if they had won that game, they would not have been able to pick OJ as their first-round draft choice.

As a result, OJ would never have met Nicole, and never had the chance to allegedly kill her…preventing the entire Kardashian family from ever being a sliver of a subject in modern culture.

So, if you ever wonder why the Buffalo Bills are “snake bit” when it comes to winning the Big One, remember this story.







Thanks, Scoob, for a perspective that most of us would not have thought of.


You are one funny guy with a keen sense of sarcasm, wit, and depth of knowledge on many subjects.


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