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Saturday Rant…DeNiro Denigrations

We believe you would agree that this week has been a doozy.  As a result, the number of rants we are hearing is off the charts.   And on today’s Saturday Rant we choose to focus on an old has been actor, Robert DeNiro.




It’s simple.


Because little Bobby made a big deal crying about how bad Trump is – and why everyone should feel the way he does about Trump – in front of the New York Courthouse. *


(* DeNiro was surrounded by bodyguards who looked a lot like body guards who appeared during the Jan. 6 demonstrations and surrounding other famous politicians) …but that’s another story for another time.


Ironically (or NOT) 50 years ago the Godfather 2 movie was released starring Robert DeNiro as a young Vito Corleone, catapulting him to superstar status as an actor.

Since then, he has played multiple roles as a bad/tough guy that no one would supposedly want to mess with.


But over time, DeNiro’s tough guy image had been reduced (along with his popularity) to a miserable, whiny, attention seeking alpha-male wannabe.


Rightfully so…because acting is (after all) only acting.


And in a desperation move to resurrect some macho, DeNiro (at the 2018 Tony Awards) began a long running dispute with Trump by announcing to the crowd “F**k Donald Trump.”


Needless to say, the liberals loved it.


And that’s just one of many reasons why we are using some of the many hilarious memes sent to us by YOU…our dear readers making fun of DeNiro.



Denigrating DeNiro





















Insteresting Duo…Hmmmm!





DeNiro Fans Who Think Trump is Unstable…








Many thanks to all of you who sent us memes and for your collective rants.

We would have loved publishing all of them but some of the funnier ones were classified NSFW.


As always, if you – our Dear Readers – have a rant you would like to share then please send it to us.


You never know whose life will be affected by it.


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Share this with a friend…especially if they think DeNiro is a POS.

They will thank YOU later.




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