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June 9, 2023

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Saturday Rant…Pelosi’s Violent Assault

In case you missed it, Paul Pelosi – husband of Nancy Pelosi – was “Violently Assaulted” in their SF home invasion recently.

Pelosi – who is more well known for his “Insider Trading Scandals” and his “Do You Know Who I Am” DUI incident with the police – was taken to the hospital where he “…is receiving excellent medical care,” according to a statement from Speaker Pelosi’s website.

As to be expected, the liberals are immediately blaming Republicans for the home invasion.


Of course, they fail to mention how San Fran is one of the highest crime-ridden cities in America.

Ironically (or NOT) not much has been said about the assailant except that he’s in custody. *

Question:  If a crime is committed by a white and/or conservative why do we know everything about him from the media within minutes?

Answer:  Pelosi’s attacker was either a liberal sympathizer, minority or illegal immigrant.

Instead of us ranting, we’ll turn it over to a writer who goes by the handle:  Bacon’s Rebellion.

Take it away, BR.

The assailant was a 55-year-old White male “known” to the FBI for his J6 participation?

They arrested the insurrectionist on the spot; in custody, booked, mug shot filed.

Not one bit of this information has been leaked to the press. I may be wrong on who dunnit:(

Ps. “Violently attacked” = the assailant knocked on the door, Paul opened it, was pushed aside, dropping his gin and tonic. Paul suffered lacerations to his tongue and lips sucking the gin off the broken glass covered floor.

And where was the queen bimbo during this “violent attack”?

Violent Assault?

 Since details are still sketchy the violent assault Maybe…Something…like…

“he fell and suffered a bruise after consuming to much his favorite Jack.”

Crime is through the roof in Frisco (like MOST democratic run cities).

But no one ever mentions how Rand Paul was beaten and attacked. 

Or how Steve Scalise was shot.

And what’s really strange is the Pelosi family DOES have private security teams… which makes it seem to me that this is a false flag…ala the Jussie Smollett hoax.

Let’s just Give the FBI a few years so they can get to the bottom of it.


Thank you, Bacon’s Rebellion, for your refreshing and informative rant.

( * Update: SF Police said when they arrived that Paul Pelosi and David Depape (the attacker who was in his underwear) were both holding hammers.  Depape waited until police arrived to attack.  And he did it using Paul Pelosi’s hammer.  

So in Pelosi’s house why was Depape, in his underwear, alone with her husband while she was away???)

A lovers quarrel?


This story doesn’t pass the smell test.


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