April 14, 2024

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Saturday Rant…Janet Yellen/Felon

Former Chair(thing) of the Federal Reserve and current US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen (aka Mrs. Doubtfire) is delusional.


We say that because Ms. Yellen (aka Dr. Evil) had the audacity to say that “most Americans are happy with their financial situation.”




And this is despite every bit of data indicating otherwise.


Maybe she’s completely out of touch.


Or Maybe she’s just a mouthpiece for the political elite.


Or Maybe, JUST MAYBE, she’s in bed with the WEF and the Build Back Better global elite who are out to destroy our way of life.


With that in mind we’re welcoming back a familiar reader/ranter to this column Scoob Martin.


So, take it away Scooby…


Ruh Roh!




James, what I can’t figure out about Mrs. Doubtfire/Yellen is whether she is either mentally impaired or dismissive of the true struggles Americans face. 

And since Biden is incapable of campaigning, Yellen is traveling around the states and touting the imaginary success of Bidenomics.

She admitted that the true reason behind the Inflation Reduction Act was to propel the climate change agenda:

“The Inflation Reduction Act is, at its core, about turning the climate crisis into an economic opportunity.”

How much more obvious does it get that these people have no interest in the welfare of Americans.

And that their “Climate Change” agenda is another bulls**t way to tax us out the wazoo and get complete control over everything we do.

Look at her quote about how Americans feel:

“So, they seem to perceive the economy as a whole as doing less well than they are personally. But most Americans feel good about their own economic situation.”

This woman is either on drugs or needs to be slapped repeatedly.

We know (as you have pointed out many times) that the most inflationary driver is WAR.

But when asked about it, Yellen said it was simply Russia’s fault that the US was involved in this proxy war…and that only the Russian economy is suffering.

Maybe the drugs found in the White House weren’t Hunter’s Afterall.

For someone who is supposedly an authority on economics, she speaks as if she were a puppet of Klaus Schwab’s WEF implanted in government to spread economic-related propaganda.

And she’s our Secretary of State?

God help us all.





Thanks again, Scoob.

And, as always, your rants are great and poignant.



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But we use finance to give you hope.





Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
The Reverend of Finance
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