June 2023
June 4, 2023

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Saturday Morning Rant…Pedo Pros

At a Democrat National Committee event last week, Stinky Joe referred to a young girl saying “We go back a long way.  She was 12 and I was 30.”

And, after a moment of nervous laughter, most of the liberal minded audience acted as if there was nothing wrong with his comment.

This behavior – by both O’Biden and his followers – exemplifies the acceptance of perversion and pedophilia that’s rampant in DC – and many areas in America – today.

Needless to say, we’ve heard numerous rants over this.

And with that in mind we’re sharing comments by a reader who goes by the handle of Mario66.

So, take it away, Mario…

Saturday Morning Rant

I simply cannot believe that our pedo president gets away with comments exposing his lust for little girls.

It’s bad enough that he has a history of fondling, sniffing, pinching and groping little girls documented by a multitude of photos over the years. But to openly speak about his perversions is just plain sick.

What does “She was 12 and I was 30” supposed to mean?



And what’s worse is how everyone just laughed it off as if it’s no big deal.

WTF is wrong with these perverts?

They obviously have no shame nor do they have any moral standards.

And you wonder why everything seems so f***ed up?

Just look at the perverts he’s appointed in office and you can see how we’ve entered Sodom and Gomorrah territory.

Before you know it, this administration will want us to accept pedophilia as the norm and to call pedophiles Minor Attracted Persons.

Oh, Wait!

I guess the fact that we’re paying these people to be in office makes them Pedo Professionals.

And sadly, the cavalier attitude over these sick people makes me want to scream WAKE THE F**K UP.


Thanks, Mario for your passionate rant.

As always, if you – our Dear Readers – have a rant you’d like to share then send it to us.

You never know whose life will be affected by it.

And if you want to see some NSFW rants then go (HERE).

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“When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you – you know your nation is doomed”.

~A. Rand~

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