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Saddam Knew How to Control Iraq…We Don’t

Have you ever wondered why no one talks about Iraq anymore?

Seriously, after costing the US over $1 Trillion dollars and the deaths of almost 5,000 of our young servicemen, Iraq is in worse shape than when Saddam Hussein was in charge.

Of course, no one mentions the death count of innocent Iraqi citizens.  (Estimates range from over 500,000 to over 1 Million…let that sink in for a moment).

Where’s the outrage?

We knew Saddam didn’t have Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that Colin Powell screamed about.  And since Obama declared the war ended in December 2011, why are we still spending Billions over there?

The obvious answer is, the oil.  But it goes beyond that.

In order for Cheney and Bush to get control of Iraq’s oil, they needed a “regime change” to oust Saddam.  (Who was our ally).

Saddam declared that he wanted to sell his oil “outside of the almighty Petro-dollar.”  That, was his death sentence.

Prior to that time, what threat did Iraq pose to the US?

Look back and you’ll see that the regime change started by accusing Saddam of war crimes and killing innocent people with chemical weapons and poison gas.  (Does this sound familiar?  Hint!  Assad in Syria?)

The point is, regime change is nothing new to the boys from Langley (CIA).  They’ve been pulling it off for decades.  And in addition to Syria, they’ve got their fingerprints all over the recent shake up going on in Armenia.


Yes, Armenia…read about it HERE.

Saddam’s downfall was that he didn’t have nukes to protect himself.

Armenia is backed by Russia…they have nukes-a-plenty.

For now, this is flying under the radar.

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