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Rocket-Man Kim…Not so Dumb After All


We’re not having a war with Korea.  (The real crisis is still in the Middle East).

Some people might say that Kim Jong-un dodged a bullet by agreeing to peace talks.  But, when you consider what he’s getting out of the deal, you could say his strategy was brilliant.

For the moment, you need to put aside what the Lame Stream has been saying about the Korean Rocket-man and see things from a more neutral perspective.

First, Rocket-man needed an external enemy to fend off a domestic revolution.

What better candidate could he find than the almighty USA?

Next, he gets all the sanctions against North Korea lifted by giving up the nukes he really doesn’t need nor wanted to use.  In the process he appeared to flex his muscles against the evil empire.

Then, he becomes a hero to his countrymen (instead of being overthrown by them).   He’s opened the borders for trade and all the surrounding nations are chomping at the bit to cut deals with him.  (Especially China and Russia).

What the Lame Stream hasn’t told you is that North Korea has been sitting on massive reserves of rare earth minerals AND oil.

Their mining operations were shut down over 50 years ago and are virtually untapped and ready for the taking.  (Experts estimate their value in the TRILLIONS).

It’s still not a done deal, however, most of the players involved end up being winners, except Japan.

Trump looks Presidential and is a likely candidate for a Nobel Peace Prize.  South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, no longer fears nukes and is now positioned to steal more market share from Japan.

The lions share of the resources will most likely go to China and Russia, assuring the future transfer of wealth and power to Asia.

Our markets will be profoundly affected.

Get Ready…

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