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Riots in France…A Preview for the US?

A 2018 version of “Storming the Bastille” is underway in Paris. And France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, is playing his fiddle while Paris burns.

History shows that most revolutions start over TAXES…and France is a glowing example (pun intended) as rioters set fire throughout Paris.

France’s recent protests (which started November 17th) were mostly about record prices at the pump, with the cost of diesel increasing by about 20 percent.

Macron has since added fuel to the fire (yes, another pun intended) with another stupid decision.

He announced further taxes on fuel, set to take effect on January 1, 2019, in a move he said was necessary to combat climate change and protect the environment.


That’s like saying:  “Hmmmm! The riots are a result of my fuel policies so I’ll just increase taxes more and everything will be fine.”

(…And politicians wonder why the people think they’re out of touch).

Some of you are going to hate what I’m about to say.

I agree with Trump on this issue and am posting his response/tweet to illustrate a point.

I am glad that my friend @EmmanuelMacron and the protestors in Paris have agreed with the conclusion I reached two years ago. The Paris Agreement is fatally flawed because it raises the price of energy for responsible countries while whitewashing some of the worst polluters….

Donald J. Trump


….in the world. I want clean air and clean water and have been making great strides in improving America’s environment. But American taxpayers – and American workers – shouldn’t pay to clean up others countries’ pollution.


5:56 PM – Dec 4, 2018

While Paris burns you should take note that this could happen here if the “Global Warmers” insist on raising our taxes to save the world.

Read “Global Warming, the Greatest Scam of the 21st Century…so far” (HERE).

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