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R.I.P. Notre Dame

It’s truly a shame that the iconic Notre Dame (which took 200 years to build) suffered so much damage from a fire that “authorities” still can’t seem to pinpoint how it started.


But what really bothers me is the lack of coverage of numerous other Christian churches in France recently being desecrated, burned, and destroyed.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t know the reason why but suffice it to say that these acts of terrorism should not be swept under the rug.

It’s part of the ongoing cycle of war that’s sweeping throughout Europe and flying under the radar.

Ask yourself a question:  How much are you hearing lately about the “Yellow Vest/Gilette Jaunes” movement?

Not much?

Why not?

Macron and company want you to believe everything is under control…so back to your favorite café and have another croissant.

Or, as the presstitutes in America say when trying to divert your attention:

“Nothing to see here…move along.”

But let’s go back to what’s happening with Notre Dame.


Recently, (in a progressive move of virtue signaling) white-guilt based leftist groups are speaking out over the restoration of Notre Dame.

Some are even calling for it to be rebuilt as some awful glass and steel abomination.

While they’re at it (and adding insult to injury) they’ll probably turn it into a “multifaith” center as well.

What should happen, is to renovate the iconic church back to as close to its original state as can be managed.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if there are enough talented stone masons/wood workers etc. left in the world to do proper gothic style work.

It’s a dying art.

And it’s a bad sign for the Frenchies as they continue down their self-destruct path or revolution…whichever comes first.

2019, The Political Year from Hell is not exclusive to the USA.

Read how this continues to unfold (and how 2020 is likely to be worse) in our monthly newsletter (HERE).

And pray that France keeps their architectural heritage intact.

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