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Prior to Kavanaugh We Worried About…

It was just over three months ago that President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

(Doesn’t it seem like it was a lot longer?)

The National Enquirer Circus environment over the hearings left most of us exhausted.

Still, there are many fanatics that refuse to “let it go.”

So, for those of us who are thankful to put the nasty media distractions behind us, let’s look at what worried us before the “Summer of Hatred” kicked into overdrive.

In the month of June, we worried/panicked about:

  • Trump placing tariffs on Chinese goods

  • The US border crisis

  • California voted on splitting the state

  • Mannafort sent to Jail

(just to name a few)

In May, we worried/gushed over:

  • Meghan and Prince Harry finally got married

  • US pulls out of Iran Nuclear Deal

  • Another Ebola outbreak in the Congo

Prior to that it was Comey, FBI investigations, Mueller, Russia…and so on.

So, my questions for you are:

  • What happened to those stories…are they no longer important?

  • What are we going to worry about next?

  • Are you starting to see how the bought-and-paid-for-media creates news (instead of reporting news) to distract you?

Remember this:  When you focus on what the media is screaming about, you lose sight of what’s going on right under your nose.

The financial presstitutes are masters of this game.

And don’t think for a moment that they didn’t use the Kavanaugh distractions to rape and pillage the masses.

Read about it (HERE).


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