December 2022
December 4, 2022

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Please Don’t Take Their Masks

There are sheeple out there who’ve become so indoctrinated to the CoronaHoax narrative that when all the restrictions are eventually lifted, they’ll worry that someone might take their mask.

These are the same people that:


  1. Think Stinky Joe is doing a good job
  2. Believe Dr. Frauduci is legit
  3. Trust the Big Pharma Cartel
  4. Are first in line to get booster shots
  5. Encourage/Shame others into getting toddlers vaccinated
  6. Turn into Karens when they see someone not wearing a mask
  7. Think Kamala Harris will do a great job in Ukraine… like she did on the Mexico border
  8. Encourage Bill Gates to create a Smallpox vaccine



Woah, Woah, Hold it right there!

A Smallpox vaccine?


And, none other than Bill Gates has been leading the charge warning about a Smallpox outbreak in Africa and the Middle-East.


How does he know that?

And isn’t he heavily invested in Pharma and Biotech companies who specialize in creating vaccines for new diseases?

Ironically (or NOT) people haven’t been vaccinated for smallpox since 1972.  And it was CERTIFIED as ERADICATED by the CDC in 1980.

So how, after 40+ years, is it showing up in third world countries?

Oh! And speaking of showing up again…AIDS is making a comeback as well.

But! But!

AIDS hasn’t been a problem since the 1980s when – none other than – Dr. Fauci was pimping pushing the experimental AZT drug.

Let the record show that the experimental AZT did more damage to patients with AIDS than it helped.


Don’t Take Their Masks

The mere fact that AIDS is making a comeback is more reason why many sheeple will beg government officials to not take their mask.

And for all the conspiracy theorists out there, don’t expect to see the Presstitutes reporting on any connection between AIDS and the clot-shot.


About four months ago…



We’re not saying that there’s any direct connection between AIDS and Smallpox with weakened immune systems.

Well…maybe we are…kinda…sorta.

But it’s worth noting the ironic (or NOT) timing of the resurgence of both diseases…that were supposedly ERADICATED or no longer considered a threat.

So, for more insight into the return of AIDS/Smallpox, be sure to read the February edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE) to be released tomorrow.

And share this with a friend…especially if they question the ethics of the highest paid government official in the country (Dr. Fauci).

They’ll thank YOU later.

Remember:  We’re Not Just About Finance.





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