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Pence is Out…Good Riddance

The fact that Mike Pence is out of the Presidential race should come as no surprise.


Especially since he committed career suicide on the Tucker Carlson show where he admitted he supported America Last policies.


But after struggling to raise money and gain traction in the polls Pence said: “This is not my time.”



Translation: Too many people now realize that I am an Uber-Neocon salivating over the prospects of WW3.



And to his departure we say: Good-bye and Good Riddance.


Ironically (or NOT) Pence wanted harsh penalties for January 6 protestors and election deniers.


And he repeatedly bashed Trump in the media making it seem as if he secretly never supported his actions during his entire duration as vice president.

But in addition to his warmonger America Last policies, his betrayal of Trump upset Republican voters.


Rightfully so.


And to further illustrate this point, here is a brief list of Pence’s recent accomplishments:



  1. The Neocon Pence became the first candidate to visit Zelensky in Ukraine, offering unwavering support
  2. Washington Post article from 2019 entitled “Mike Pence Predicts War Everywhere in a Few Years.”
  3. After Carlson reminded Pence that the country has degraded entirely, our economy is failing, and crime is on the rise… and that suicide rates are sharply increasing because the people feel completely helpless with no hope for the future, Pence responded with:  “That is not my concern.”
  4. No one craved war more than Mike Pence
  5. His real character was exposed in the Presidential debates when he was visited by the famous fly.







Now That Pence is out…



And the good news is Trump has remained at the top of the polls all year without participating in a single debate.


But now that Pence is out, the other Neocons are salivating at the prospects of taking his slot.


So, as the drums of War continue to beat loudly, you should expect the other Neocons to take front and center stage.

As a result, we’ll see increased activities to justify war and ongoing funding of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC).



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