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Peak Facebook is Already Here

Since I wrote about Facebook’s $120 Billion boo-boo (HERE) and about how CEO Mark Zuckerberg sold over $3.5 Billion of his own personal stock between the months of April and July (HERE), I’ve been having difficulty getting my posts back up on Facebook.

Sound like censorship to you?

Facebook’s touchy, touchy algorithmic robots picked up my story (which happened to be factual news reported by most media outlets) and decided to single me out of over 1 Billion+ members.


To single me out of over 1 Billion+ members is very impressive…or very scary.

It also shows you how intrusive the big tech companies (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, etc.) have become in our lives.

They give you the impression you’re free to say or post anything you want as your way of “expressing yourself.”

However, it’s becoming obvious they’ve all sold-out to the dark side and use us like pawns to control public opinions.

Facebooks recent banning (along with YouTube, Apple, Spotify and other media giants) of Alex Jones is the canary in the coal mine of “Peak Social Media” as we know it.

These tech companies say they blocked Jones’ Infowars not because of the conspiracy theories, but because, in Spotify’s words, Infowars “expressly and principally promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence against a group or individual based on characteristics.”

Interestingly, Jones has been saying the same thing since 1999 on his Infowars platform.

So, why (after nearly 20 years) have the big tech boyz suddenly decided to ban him?


When something has peaked, its decline is inevitable.

And for FB, Twitter, etc. decline is already “baked in the cake.”

The good news is technology waits for no one and new alternatives to these dinosaurs are gaining traction.

Discover the next generation of social media (HERE).

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