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PC Arguing Summarized…”I’M SURE…”I’M SURE NOT”

The back and forth bickering over everything in today’s political circus remind me of some kids I knew growing up.

In fact, todays politicians appear to be more juvenile than my childhood friends (Bobby and Joey).

Bobby and Joey were close friends who argued over everything.  Their arguments, at times, appeared as if they were putting on a show (kind of like our politicians).

However, they usually ended in a shouting match with one of them (desperately trying to make his point) screaming “I’M SURE!”

To which the other one would offer his witty reply, “I’M SURE NOT!

That was a sign the argument was usually over.  But occasionally, to emphasize their point, they’d repeat their “I’m Sure/Sure Not” several times.

The difference between today’s politicians and my childhood friends is that, despite the shouting matches, Bobby and Joey would remain friends.

Ahhh, yes!  The innocence of adolescents.

I wish the same was true among our servants in DC.

Instead, they’re doubling down on hatred wrapping it all up in a politically correct package to give us the impression they care about us.

They don’t care about you or me.

They only care about gaining back the power they lost in the 2016 elections.  And they’ll stop at nothing to get their way.

From a taxpayer’s point of view, this will become our worst nightmare.

How else will they fund the special interest groups of an overly bloated government without raising taxes?

Ironically, the government shut down is starting to prove that we can eliminate a multitude of government services.  (Cough! TSA, Cough!)

As usual, the markets shrug off their juvenile behavior and remain in The Most Hated Bull Market in History.

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And the next time someone hints at raising taxes, say to them “I’M SURE NOT!”

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