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Pandemic Level Disruptions to the Supply Chain

While the Presstitutes keep everyone occupied with distractions (Cough! Epstein’s listCough!) the supply chain is experiencing disruptions like they were during the fake pandemic.


Wait! What?


In case you missed it, the kids Obama bombed in Yemen – for many years – are all growed up, as they say.


And they have formed surprisingly efficient militias who hate the West (can you blame them?) and have become powerful enough to impact global trade.


That’s right.


Yemeni Houthi rebels are blocking carriers from passing through the Suez Canal and have created near pandemic-level disruptions to the supply chain.


Look at the numbers and do the math:


  1. There has been a 25% drop in commercial traffic through the Suez Canal since November
  2. Houthis were initially targeting shipping liners linked to Israel, but began targeting everyone by December
  3. International shipping liners are doing everything to avoid passing through the Gulf of Aden and South Africa
  4. This has completely altered trade between Europe and Asia as the trip is significantly longer
  5. Longer trips equate to higher shipping costs
  6. To move a 40-foot container from Asia to Northern Europe now costs $4,000 – a 173% increase
  7. Routes from Asia to the US have risen by about 55% since December at around $3,900
  8. Shipping rates are now DOUBLE 2019 pre-pandemic levels



A New Supply Chain Crisis




Ironically (or NOT) over five years ago we wrote about how the Saudi’s were murdering innocent people in Yemen with “bombs and weapons supplied by the US.” 



Read: Recent Saudi Behavior Goes Beyond Disgusting  October 26, 2018 (HERE)



As a result, the chickens are coming home to roost in the form of providing the next major supply-chain crisis.




The price of goods will rise…and that will be passed onto consumers…meaning inflation will rise.


Governments will be forced to step in to prevent the Houthis from further disrupting world trade.



Lives will be lost.

And now the West has a valid reason to begin the Israeli canal that they’ve been envisioning for years.


Sad to say this is only the beginning of what will be a violently expensive situation that will send ripple effects throughout the global economy.


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Your financial future may just depend on it.


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