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One of the Greatest Years Ever?



In context, Wall Street’s recent claim of 2019 being one of the greatest years ever for investors, is correct.

As of November 30th, the numbers show the DOW up 19.2%, the S&P up 23.2%, and the NASDAQ up 27% from January 1st.  (Very impressive)

So, how did you do by comparison?

If your investments didn’t beat the boyz in the “Club,” are you considered a failure?

By Wall Street’s “standards” the answer would be yes.

They want you to believe that without them, you are an inferior species.

Ironically (or NOT), the vast majority of money managers DO NOT beat the major averages like the S&P on an annual basis.

So then, should you just buy the indexes and put everything on auto-pilot?

That’s what long time government crony and alleged “greatest investor of our era,” Warren Buffett would have you believe.

Guys like Buffett say things like: “The small investor should buy ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) indexes like the S&P.”

What a bunch of crap!

Hey, Buffett!  Is that how you made your money?

The only reason Buffett tells you to buy an index is because he makes money from the fees that ETF’s charge investors.

He’s also been one of the biggest profiteers of taxpayers’ money in history…made possible through many sweetheart deals made with politicians behind the curtain.

But that’s another story for another time.

The reality is that the markets are having a really good year so far.

However, the month of December is far from over and 2020, The Year of Chaos, arrives soon.

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And be sure to tune in tomorrow for more “Wall Street Numbers” and how to interpret them.


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