April 2023
April 1, 2023

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Once Again, Crime Pays…for Goldman Sachs


The crime that pays is the crime you can pay for the consequences to go away.

“It’s just bidness.

~ Tony ‘Wall Street‘ Soprano~



According to a Bloomberg News report published late Monday evening, Goldman Sachs, aka: The Vampire Squid reached a tentative agreement with the DoJ to pay more than $2 billion in penalties and – here’s the key point – allows the bank to avoid all criminal penalties.

This announcement comes just months after Goldman agreed to pay $3.9 billion in “reparations” to the government of Malaysia for its role in raising the $6.5 billion that seeded the 1MDB sovereign wealth fund*.

(*We wrote about Goldman’s corruption in the 1MDB scandal back in 2018 HERE).

Ironically (or NOT) this is Wall Street’s typical way for its “CLUB” members to buy their way out of criminal convictions.

This begs the question, “If Goldman can write checks ($2 Billion to the DOJ and $3.9 Billion to the Malaysian Government) – a pittance equal to a Wall Street license fee or a Get Out of Jail Free Card – how much did they illegally make in the process?

Behind the scenes, Goldman execs are giggling:  “We steal 100 billion, give the DOJ 2 Billion and we good.”

Is it any surprise that the current Secretary of Treasury (Mnuchin) is a former Goldmanite…AND an ex-George Soros banker?

So much for draining the swamp.

This is yet another example of our failed justice system.

Translation:  Big time criminals get to avoid jail time by paying a fine using other people’s money.


It’s almost as if the DOJ said.  “Hey, Goldman!  You can’t do that unless you give us our cut.”

Rumor has it that Hunter Biden has sent his resume to Goldman Sachs.

The sad reality of “The Squid” getting off with a slap on the wrist is that crime has long been an integral part of the business model.

When you are only fined a percentage of your criminal endeavors, and face no jail time as a consequence, only a fool would not commit financial crimes.

The only caveat being you must be a Wall Street “CLUB” member and sanctioned by the big boyz.

Sad to say you should think of Goldman Sachs as…doing their part to piss off half-wit voters and usher in Socialism for the rest of us.

Learn how this affects you going forward in “The Fall of the Cabal” in our October issue of “…In Plain English.”

It’s Not Just About Finance.