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October Newsletter is Live…

The October issue of “…In Plain English” reveals how close we are to WW3 and what you should be doing about it.


Here’s an Excerpt:


…With that in mind we remind you that for roughly 6,000 years of recorded history there have always been madmen in power.

And their threats of controlling or destroying the world have always failed.

The problem has always been how many innocent victims end up dying because of their lust for power.

Cue up:  Certain politicians (Cough! O’Biden, Cough! Zelensky, Cough! Cough!) who insist that “Putin must be removed.”

And/or their threat that “…we are facing a Nuclear Armageddon.”

This BEGS the question: Has anyone considered the consequences of removing Putin?

You can bet your bottom dollar that removing Putin will put Russia’s nuclear weapons in the control of its Republics, including most Muslim Nations.

And they’re far more likely to use nukes than Putin.


Read the entire issue (HERE).

Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
The Reverend of Finance
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