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No One Rings a Bell at the Top

Unlike most sporting events, where someone hits a buzzer/bell signifying the game is over, the stock market has no such device.

This (in addition to greed) is what keeps investors hanging on and eventually losing their money.

Have you ever been there…done that?

If so, don’t feel bad.

We’ve ALL made that mistake.

However, if you continue to make the same mistake, you’re either blind to what’s going on or you’re listening to the wrong advice.

With the exception of the crash of 1987 (which was NOT caused by computer failure…see HERE) every major market decline is riddled with lies from Wall Street’s false prophets.  (Cough! Cramer, Cough! Cough! CNBC).

Ask yourself this question:  “What’s the major consensus in today’s market?”

Gurus galore are screaming about how the next crash (THE BIG ONE) will hit any day now.

What’s laughable about it is they’ve been saying the same thing for over three years…and it still hasn’t happened.

What’s even funnier is, when a crash occurs, they’ll all say “SEE, I told you so.”

Let me say this nicely.

Check that!

These liars are flat out disgusting.

So, if you want to “HEAR THE BELL RINGING AT THE TOP,” here’s a simple solution.

You pick the top.


That’s right YOU pick the top of the market that’s comfortable for you.

Then, sell your positions and move on to something new or sit in cash and wait for your next opportunity.

There’re always opportunities…you just have to be willing to look for them instead of being greedy and holding on for too long.

Legendary investor Bernard Baruch said it best:  “I made my money by selling too soon.”

Learn how to improve your winning ratio by “selling too soon” in our December newsletter (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.

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