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Nixon’s Double-Edged Sword Slashes Back

It almost seems like yesterday when President Richard M. Nixon (the Trickster) successfully broke the Russia-China bond.

In 1972, Tricky Dick’s visit to the People’s Republic of China was regarded as “The Week that Changed the World.”

To his credit, Nixon opened up trade with China and truly did change the world.

After the successful meeting with Mao Zedong (who’s also known as the greatest mass murderer in history…killing and estimated 45 million Chinese), China slowly shifted their economic policies towards Capitalism.

The rest, as they say, is history.

China still has Communist roots.

But their staggering growth since then has positioned them to be the next financial capital of the world.

It’s already baked in the cake (read about it HERE).

The US (and rest of the world) has profited immensely from China’s growth.

However, our continued confrontation with China risks restoring the Russia-China bond that Nixon broke.

Unfortunately, the Dems ongoing demonization of Russia leaves Putin with no choice…Russia must back Iran.

Simultaneously, China’s strengthening their relationship with Iran AND Russia.


It’s all about the oil.

Put yourself in China’s shoes.

A strong Russia-China alliance makes them the strongest economic force in the world.

Do the math:

  • Geographically they cover 12 time zones.
  • Combined population 1.6 billion (not including India or any other Asian country).
  • Their combined military strength is formidable.


So, Nixon’s greatest achievement has been morphing into a double-edged sword readying to slice back.

Meanwhile, we keep poking the Bear (and the Panda Bear) with a stick.

Get ready for increased turbulence in the markets…it’s coming.

And it’ll represent one of the greatest opportunities of a lifetime.

Learn more (and how to profit from it) HERE.

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