March 2024
March 5, 2024

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"It's Not Just About Finance"

New Dem Slogan: “Intolerance Won’t be Tolerated

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a degree required to be a member of Congress? 

It’s the same with being a hedge fund manager…no degree required.

We often hear of conspiracies to undermine governments or regime changes in foreign countries (Cough! Venezuela, Cough! Cough!).

But the real conspiracy is telling people they have no future life without a degree.

This is the real scam: making money by burying the young in a lifetime of debt after paying for degrees that do not produce jobs.

Too many government agencies have pocketed fortunes from the unforgivable student loan policies.

You can thank the Clintons for that and also for making student debt unforgivable…even in bankruptcy.

The $1.4 Trillion* question remains; How will these kids’ payoff their student loans without decent paying jobs?

(Note * Student loans are now larger than all credit card debt combined…Over $1.4 Trillion).

The tragic part of this mess is we have an education system that’s failed miserably to produce students with an ability to think for themselves.

Instead, universities have indoctrinated culled most students into an extreme leftist/socialist agenda.

Those students who oppose this warped way of thinking are quickly reminded that their “intolerance won’t be tolerated.”

Meanwhile, those who’ve gone to trade schools are graduating with degrees in plumbing, electronics, mechanics, etc. and are waltzing into great paying jobs.

Isn’t it ironic that those careers that have been “looked down upon” (for allegedly not having a degree that boasts a “higher education”), are making degrees in lesbian dance theory look ridiculous?

But don’t be deceived.

The day of reckoning for student loans is rapidly approaching.

And the intolerance of tolerance will take on a new face.

Read more about it (HERE).

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