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NBA Chooses Profit Over Principle



Oh, the irony!

The sanctimonious club members, owners, and players of the NBA have just Proven that Money Talks Louder Than Social Justice.

Earlier this week the owner of the Houston Rockets tweet  “Fight for Freedom.  Stand with Hong Kong” started a firestorm with China.

And the NBA is freaking out over the thought of losing Billions from China’s cancelling their contracts and cutting their ties with US basketball.

In other words, China has made it clear that any reference to Hong Kong is off limits.

NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, has been back-pedaling and apologizing to the Chinese from the get go.

Unfortunately (or NOT) he’s been splitting hairs over this and getting deeper and deeper in doo-doo with each step.

Call it Karma – or poetic justice – but these highly overpaid hypocrites are now forced to show their true colors.

Keep in mind were talking about the same characters who’ve been quick to bash Trump on everything including tweets, gun control, and social issues while refusing to visit the White House after winning an NBA title (Cough! Steve Kerr, Cough! Cough!).

Ironically (or NOT) they’re all squirming out of fear of what China will do next.

Essentially, China is using its economic clout to silence anyone who comments on human rights or democracy that it finds threatening.

So, where’s all the loud-mouths now?

It appears the NBA has shot itself in both feet and most likely, (without admitting it) will be silencing players, owners and affiliates from any further comments.

Kinda like what China is doing…only China doesn’t have to worry about what overpaid diva’s – who somehow think people care about their opinions – have to say.

The collateral damage from this is far from over.

And it confirms an article we wrote a while back:  “Have We Reached Peak Sports in America?” (HERE).





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