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NATO is Dangerous to Peace

You may not want to believe this but the main reason why NATO is Dangerous is because it continually seeks greater global domination by military force.

Think we’re making this up?

Check out the following NATO “Activities” that you may have never heard before:

  1. Yugoslavia did not want to bend to the demand of NATO…Result: NATO bombed Yugoslavia into 3 separate nations.
  2. Lebanon is filled with Shia Muslims and Christians. NATO allies, Saudi Arabia and Israel hate Shia Muslims and Christians…Result: Israel bombs Lebanon for decades
  3. In Iraq, Saddam did not want to accept US dollars for its oil…Result: American sanctions in the 1990s starved 500,000 Iraqis to death.  Neocon Madeline Albright said it was “worth it.” Then America invades Iraq, kills 500,000 civilians in airstrikes and shoves pallets of US dollars down the Iraqis’ throats
  4. In Libya, Qaddafi wanted to create a gold-backed North African currency to use for payment for its oil…Result: France and America armed terrorists in the Benghazi area and gave them air support to defeat Qaddafi’s army. Qaddafi was sodomized with a knife.  Now there are open-air slave markets in Libya.

More Reasons NATO is Dangerous

  1. In Syria Assad refused to give control of Syria’s currency to a BIS Central Bank while Assad protected Christians…Result: America and Israel created/armed/funded ISIS and the Al Qaeda linked “Moderate Rebel Groups” (ala John McCain) and unleashed them on the Syrian people. American backed “moderate rebels” created open-air sex-slave markets in the areas they controlled. Ironically (or NOT) Syria was saved from destruction by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.
  2. Yemen was resistant to NATO hegemony…Result: NATO-backed Saudi bombs Yemen into oblivion. Hundreds of thousands of Yemini children starve to death.
  3. Ukraine’s Russian friendly government did not want to give NATO full control of its economy to NATO…ResultViolent NATO regime change coupin 2014 led by the Victoria (F**k the EU) Nuland/Soros Color Revolution.  NATO arms and trains pagan Nazi militias – Azov Battalion and Right Sector – to slaughter Russian Christians in Eastern Ukraine.  Russia intervened and is currently trying to liberate Ukraine from NATO’s mercenaries and Nazi terrorist proxies.
  4. Iran did not want to accept US dollars for its oil…Result:  Unsuccessful Soros Color-Regime Change Revolution. Massive NATO sanctions followed. Iran saved financially and militarily by Russia.
  5. In Venezuela, Maduro did not want to give control of their massive oil reserves and gold deposits to American Corporations…Result: Draconian American sanctions that left Venezuelans starving.  Unsuccessful American-backed Regime-Change coup attempt. Venezuela was saved financially and militarily by Russia and Iran.

Bottom line with NATO…

Are you starting to see how Everything is Connected…EVERYTHING?

Connect the Dots and the big picture becomes clearer.

And when you do, you’ll be better equipped to survive what’s coming in the next few years of Turbulent Times.

Learn how to Connect the Dots and prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times (HERE).

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