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Mobilizing Military to Impose Vaccines? WTF!


What would you do if a group of soldiers showed up at your door to administer a vaccine to you at gunpoint?

That Can’t Happen Here!

Hopefully not.

However, Trump has said he will mobilize the military to administer vaccines by the end of the year when they are ready.

Gasp!  You’re kidding, right?

Unfortunately, no.

On the surface it appears that Trump has betrayed everything he’s been fighting against and has caved into the Swamp’s demands for controlling the population.

Hold on a second.

Think for a moment.  Could Trump be playing into their hand as a way to discredit this whole CoronaHoax scam?

The Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes have mentally terrorized a portion of the population into believing that it’s never going to be safe to go outside again without a mask.

How dumb can you get and still breathe?

The CDC and even Dr. Frauduci have come out and said that “There’s no good reason to use these masks except psychologically you think you’re doing something.”

Ironically (or NOT) the emotionally/permanently scarred snowflakes see wearing a mask as a symbol of them doing battle with an invisible enemy.

This begs the question:  Why haven’t we been wearing masks and locking down the world every year when the flu season starts?

This mask joke is proof that the Swamp is winning the hearts of the sheeple.

But let’s go back to Trump saying he’ll mobilize the military to impose vaccines.

Is he caving into the swamp creatures or possibly saying this so the boyz in the “Club” can’t use this as a campaign issue against him?

Since there’s no constitutional authority to make vaccines mandatory, Trump can simply say that vaccines will be available on a Voluntary basis for all the brainwashed sheeple.


We’re fighting a psychological media induced war that needs to be countered by investigating everyone associated with the CoronaHoax all the way up to Bill Gates, Neil Ferguson, the CDC and the WHO.

Instead of being frustrated by these cretins, notify your representatives (all of them…even up to President Trump) that you want them to investigate Bill Gates and company.

(Sample letter attached)

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