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Markets…the Week After Christmas

The headline about being the week after Christmas could easily be “Markets…the Week Before New Years.”


Essentially, they are the same.


But for some reason people respond differently the words ‘Before’ and ‘After.’


Suffice it to say that the Boyz will be looking for opportunities to boost their year-end bonuses and may shake-up certain sectors of the market.


And the last-minute tax selling (from small investors) usually happens in the week after Christmas.


That’s because the big Boyz, normally do their tax selling throughout the year and bump it up in September and October.


Ironically (or NOT) September and October of 2023 was Wall Street’s final kick in the balls to the small investor.

Since then, the markets have been on a tear.


And the Boyz have been lining their pockets while the average investor is still licking their wounds from earlier in 2023.


And, as usual, the doom porn addicts are screaming how 2024 will certainly be the year when we crash by 80% or more.



The Week After Christmas



Although it’s not an exact science, the week after Christmas (or week before New Year’s) often reveals what the next year will be like.


And being eternal optimists, we’ll stick with what we’ve been saying for years in that throughout 2024, the markets will present opportunities of a life time…for those with ears to hear.


Unfortunately, too many people get caught up in all the “Noise” the Presstitutes vomit out 24/7.


As a result, their hearing becomes impaired and they miss out and/or wait until the markets jump up 20% or more and THEN decide to get in.


The rest…as they say…is history.


Because when the small investor gets in out of fear of missing out (FOMO), that’s when the big Boyz pull the rug out from the markets causing people to panic and sell.


And as the markets fall, they wait on the sidelines to buy back what you’re selling at a huge discount.


The cycle is sooooo predictable that the shampoo industry gives you a warning on their bottles…






So, when it comes to volatility (or lack thereof) don’t expect 2024 to be any different than in the past.

In fact, take the week after Christmas to learn how Listen to What the Markets are Saying.


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Share this with a friend…especially if they wait on the sidelines and get in the market at the highs.

They’ll thank YOU later.


And tell them:


We’re Not Just About Finance

But we use finance to give you hope.







Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
The Reverend of Finance
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