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Marked Safe From Total Eclipse

It’s almost as if todays total eclipse is like a flashback to the devastation (NOT) of Y2K.


Ironically (or NOT) some people are going to be disappointed if the eclipse doesn’t cause the collapse of civilization and a new dark age.


And you can rest assured that anything remotely out of the ordinary will be blamed on, or associated with the eclipse. (Like Climate Change/Global Warming is to blame for everything!)


Extremists are saying how apparently, a portal will be opened that will give all birds human faces and that dinosaurs will return.


As a result, we expect to see spiders the size of houses and octopus’ people as well.



Seriously, the amount of hype around the “total eclipse” is proof how society has been dumbed down for decades.



Does anyone out there remember when (many years ago) as school children, we were told to look at the eclipse through a small piece of cardboard with a pin hole in it?


I don’t recall anyone dying or going blind back then.


And there was no freaking out over the “Astrological Significance” and how it would affect our futures.


And when it was over we went back to class.



Speaking of Astrological nonsense, nothing will happen as Dr. Robert Malone notes:



“The last eclipse in the USA was in 2017 and there was a big one in 1970. Near as I can tell, the USA didn’t suffer during these solar eclipse “attacks”. 

No one died. No one lost bladder or bowel function – due to fright or a lack of toilet paper. 

Animals didn’t go bat-shat crazy. Basically, what happened was that for a few brief minutes the day turned to night. Then day happened again. Life went on as before.”



Not to be outdone by a total eclipse, extremists are linking the recent earthquake in the northeast to a series of apocalyptic events ushering in the end times.


Determined citizens have vowed to rebuild the damage from the recent quake…







Ironically (or NOT) most Californians would laugh at how people in the Northeast responded to their “Earthquake.”



Meanwhile, in New Jersey…








So, unless Wall Street goes dark with the total eclipse (pun intended) there should be no reason to panic.


But the markets could very well see their own earthquake in the month of April shaking up investors (pun intended) to point of panic.



Don’t be one of them.



Instead, learn how to prosper AND thrive in our upcoming April edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


And in it we’ll reveal several gold/silver stocks to keep you safe from any future eclipse as well as volatile markets.


Share this with a friend…especially if they live in Ohio and will be sitting outside and watching the eclipse.

They’ll thank YOU later.


And tell them:



We’re Not Just About Finance

But we use finance to give you hope.




P.S.  To all of our Ohio Friends…




Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
The Reverend of Finance
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