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Margin Your Margin Account? Good Grief

Just when you thought you’ve seen enough craziness, the banksters take craziness to new heights.

I just read an advertisement from an online company called LENDVIOUS, (who tells you on it’s website that it is NOT a lender) about how you can borrow more money so you can buy more stocks.


Borrowing money to buy stocks while margin debt is at the highest level in recorded history is insane.  And now you have a company telling you how to borrow more money (outside your brokerage account) so you can buy more stocks?

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.

But the name “Lendvious” is worthy of a chuckle.  They act as a broker to find “the best rate” for your personal situation by shopping the market of available lenders.

According to their website, these “top lenders” compete against each other to provide you with competitive offers in a matter of minutes.

Red Flag Alert!  The top ten lenders listed on their website are all companies I know nothing about.

Call me a skeptic but is sounds like they’re subprime lenders jockeying for position to get the average sucker investor loaded up with more debt.  They even tell you that funding your loan can occur within one day.

And when you tell all your friends how easy it is, they’ll be “lendvious” of you and want to get in on the action.

I don’t believe the markets have peaked yet because we haven’t experienced a “Blow-Off Top” (read about it HERE).  But when it happens, lenders like this will be giving money away so that mom and pop can get in the market at the top.

It’s part of the Wash, Rinse, Repeat cycle.

Don’t be another bankster victim.

Learn how to “Connect the Dots” (HERE).



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