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March newsletter is live…

The March edition of “…In Plain English” is live and ready for your reading pleasure.

Here’s an excerpt:

We see this as O’Biden and Yellen’s way of putting us on the verge of creating a catastrophic banking crisis far worse than 2008 by attempting to pull off bail-ins.

Historically “Bank Runs” are the first sign that somebody ‘broke’ something (pun intended).

And like the signs in stores often read “You break it, You Buy it.”

Unfortunately, that won’t happen.

Because NO ONE will accept responsibility for SVB’s failure.

And, as expected, new scandals arise from these events.

Such as:  Biden Administration Radicals blocked the SVB sale, nationalized it, and then blamed Trump.

And by nationalizing SVB the Boyz used tax money to ensure their campaign donors were made whole.

Wait! What?

All this time we thought it was extremely illegal to launder Federal funds to hand-picked private entities.

But that’s only if you get caught.

This could get very ugly…

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