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A poster advertising 'Reefer Madness', an anti-drugs exploitation film, dealing with the pitfalls of marijuana smoking, directed by Louis J. Gasnier, 1936. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Malcom in the Middle Distractions

Once again, the Fake Stream Media is milking the Parkland school shootings by giving the child demonstrators their 15 minutes of fame…and then some.

The one goofy kid (Doesn’t he remind you of the kid in old TV series Malcom in the Middle?) lashed a blistering tirade of F-bombs and somehow, he believes he’s special.

He’s not.

He’s a tool being used by the boyz behind the scenes as a distraction from numerous tremors shaking up the markets.

And it’s working.

Example:  Did you notice that China recently launched Yuan-denominated crude oil futures?


Don’t feel bad.  It was ignored by the Lame Stream.

But it’s a game changer in the global balance of power.  It gives China the ability to not only buy and sell oil in their currency, it allows them to increase the liquidity of their Yuan in global markets.

Why is this important?

China is the heir apparent for the World Reserve Currency.  It’s baked in the cake.

What’s holding them back is not having enough Yuan available for trade.  That’s because since the 1970s the US has controlled oil via the Petro-dollar.

Back then Nixon and Kissinger cut a deal with the Saudi’s saying that all oil transactions would be in DOLLARS. 

There have been two notable attempts to go around the Petro-dollar.  The first was by Iraq (Saddam Hussein) and the second was Libya (Muammar Gaddafi).

Both were murdered.

China, however is a different story.  They’ve strategically aligned themselves with Russia and most of Asia.  And, unlike Saddam or Gaddafi, they have nukes.

So, while everyone is focusing on Malcom in the Middle distractions, tectonic shifts in the oil industry are well underway.

Stay on top of these important events and profit from them HERE.

You’ll thank us later.


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