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Like Flies On the Same Turd

Let’s not mix words here, shall we?

The latest fly on the “Climate Change” Turd is the IEA (International Energy Agency).

They’ve outlined a $3 trillion plan to restart the global economy while cutting greenhouse gas emissions, saying that governments have a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to create jobs while decarbonizing infrastructure.

Go ahead and Google one of IEA’s highly questionable economists, Fatih Birol, who claims that the world has six months to avert a climate crisis.


(What happened to the 10-year window that AOC and Al Gore have been talking about FOR DECADES?)

Birol is saying that the world will end in six months if we allow people to use energy again with NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to back up his bogus claim.

He’s a freaking economist with NO BACKGROUND in climate studies and is also linked to Bill Gates. *

Note: * The IEA accepts private donations (Cough! Gates Foundation, Cough! Cough!).

Stay with me here, please.

IF you look beyond all the distractions – CoronaFraud, Race-Wars, BLM, Stupid White People Groveling for Forgiveness from Blacks, Certain Politicians Pandering to Blacks for votes, Orange Man Bad, etc. – you’ll see a nefarious agenda at work to put a New World Order (NWO) in place.

It’s hardly a coincidence that many so-called “autonomous government agencies” accept private donations bribes from certain boyz in the “Club.”

In return, they publish bogus data to scare the sheeple into believing that we’re all gonna die if we don’t believe them.

Example:  Making you believe that the CoronaFraud is like the Black Plague in the 14th century – killing approximately 50% of the population – when in fact the death rate is 0.0003%.



These people are like swarming flies on the same turd.

And their next move is to further destroy the global economy so they can make everyone dependent on government handouts.

So, how do you stand against them?

Don’t Take the Bait!

Instead of panicking when the markets get destroyed (AGAIN), learn how to turn the tables on this creepy group of billionaires.

The survival of your financial future may just depend on it.

Go ahead…click the link:


You’ll thank us later.

And share this with a like-minded friend…they’ll thank YOU later.






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