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Like a Pawn on a Global Chessboard

Why do think the globalist media presstitutes constantly distract you with fear mongering over Syria, Russia, China, North Korea, etc.?

They don’t want you to see the regime change happening in Armenia?

(Scratching your head) Armenia?

Yes, Armenia.

It’s that small Eurasian country strategically wedged in between the Eastern and Western Powers.

It’s bordered by Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, and Azerbaijan to the east.

Coincidentally (NOT) the outgoing president, Serzh Sargsyan, was recently elected Prime Minister by the Parliament.

Coincidentally (NOT) this happened weeks after the nation changed from a presidential system to a prime ministerial one…meaning he stays in control.

Armenians are outraged and protests riots recently broke out over the arrest of an opposition leader.  The protests quickly turned violent leading to a hostage situation and the shooting of two on duty police officers.

As if on cue, the Western media and the US Embassy in Armenia took sides with the hostage takers resulting in violent riots all over the country.

This threatens Russia’s position in the region.  

This also follows the classic pattern for regime change:

  • Create chaos.

  • Destroy the legitimate gov.

  • Call them evil.

  • Appoint puppets.

  • Rape the country and kill a lot of people.

Cue up the fake news, chemical weapons and airstrikes!

The question you should be asking is, why now, have Western Nations (Cough? US, Cough? NATO) taken such an interest in Armenia?

 And where were they in 1915 when the Armenians were being systematically eliminated and evicted from their homelands?

Back then Russia took them in, as did Syria and Iran while their Christian brethren in the West did nothing for them.

Could the US be pulling out of Afghanistan?

Armenia might just be a good place to grow things (Cough! Cough! Poppy flower/Opium?)

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