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LGBTQ Agenda = Child Exploitation

Surely the Vagina Hat Wearing will hate us over this headline.

However, the pre-teen “Drag-Kids” movement shows just how fast our culture has crumbled.

Yes, the LGBT movement has successfully morphed to an almost unimaginable extent by the phenomenon of “Drag Kids.”

They’re actually proud of featuring children in heavily sexualized performances in heavily sexualized settings, dressed in drag, dancing provocatively.

The following excerpt is an example of how the Canadian Press covers the “theatrical world of pre-teen drag queens”:

TORONTO — The dance music is thumping; the audience is giddy and 10-year-old drag artist Queen Lactatia is sashaying up and down a makeshift catwalk in a shimmering metallic dress. The enthusiastic crowd hoots in approval as the diminutive style phenom weaves between tables at the all-ages brunch event, where the Montreal grade-schooler is followed by three more big-haired pre-teen performers, each in varying degrees of glitter, eyelash extensions and rainbow-hued attire.



This is obviously evil, and it is obviously exploitation.

Prior generations would never have tolerated this.

In fact, the vast majority of North Americans would have been outraged and offended by pre-teens being employed as cross-dressing, sensual dancers in heavily-sexualized atmospheres.

But that was then, and this is now…and somehow parents think this is okay?

If you’re thinking “This doesn’t affect me,” then look at how retailers are clamoring over themselves with “Diversity Training” workshops, hoping they won’t offend the LGBTQ agenda of sponsoring “Drag-Kids.”

Where’s this going?

In 2016 the Harvard Business Review published a study suggesting that the effects of diversity training rarely last and in some cases foster resentment, in part because many companies use “negative messaging” in their training.

Call us crazy but we believe this is political.

And it’s more evidence of how 2019, The Political Year from Hell ushers in the chaos coming in 2020.

Read how it affects our markets (HERE).

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