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Land of the Free (Stuff)

It’s worse than you think.

I had to do some digging but I found the report from earlier this year by NBC news and The Wall Street Journal.

It was a poll they conducted showing that a record 57% of Americans said they want more government in their lives.  In addition, they believed the government should be doing more to solve people’s problems.

That’s scary.

But what’s scarier is it’s almost double the response from the 90s.

Keep in mind we’re talking about the same government that has a horrible track record of waste, failure, and excessive spending.

Ex:  spending $1 Billion to destroy $16 Billion worth of perfectly good ammunition…or $2 Billion to build a website. (I offered my services for $1 Billion, but they turned me down.)

My question to those who want more government is:  What ever happened to self-reliance?  Or, the entrepreneurial spirit?

Do these people realize that the government they want to be more involved in their lives is the same institution that’s already in charge of educating our children, regulating our savings and, “gasp!” our medical care?

Our nation is unique in that it was founded as a place where people can take responsibility for themselves.  And LESS government was the key component of our independence.

What happened?

Those of us who believe our founding fathers principles have become a minority.

But all is not lost.

2018 is setting up to be “The year of a great awakening” for America.

What will you do when faith in our government goes over the cliff?

Don’t let the Land of the Free become the Land of Getting Free Stuff.

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You’ll DEFINITELY thank us later.


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