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Korean Peace?…Syria Front and Center

Forgive my skepticism but can you explain to me why, after nearly seven-decades of war, the Koreans have decided to make nicey-nice with each other?


Sociopaths rarely, if ever, have “kumbaya moments.”

You know, conversions tending towards peace, prosperity, and mutually shared cooperation.

Wasn’t it just a couple of months ago, Kim Jong Un was going to “Nuke the World?”

What changed?

Nope!  Sorry.  This one doesn’t pass the smell test.  In fact, it royally stinks.

What’s going to happen to the 25,000 troops we have in Korea?

Now that there’s peace, will they be sent packing?  After all, if Koreans become friends, this means no need for US troops.  (It’s exactly what China and most all Koreans want).

Next thing you know Kim Jong Un will be wearing a baseball hat that says “Make Korea Great Again” MKGA.  And he’ll most likely be the top choice for the next Nobel Peace Prize.

Look at who wins and who loses from this Peace Agreement?

Winners:  China and Russia.

As usual, it always comes down to resources that someone wants.  A united Korea gives China and Russia open access to North Korean oil and rare earth minerals. (Estimated value…$Trillions).

Losers:  Japan and the US.

South Korea can kick out US troops and no longer be forced to buy expensive US weapons.  Japan loses more market share (cars, electronics etc.) to the Koreans.

Nope, sorry folks.

There’s far more to this “New Era of Peace” story than meets the eye.

With peace in Korea, the US will need a new boogeyman.

Maybe it’s time for the boyz from Langley to step-up the confrontations with Iran and Syria.

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