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It’s Time to Load Up on Popcorn

Did know that Popcorn Sales are going thru the roof…

Why popcorn?

It has to do with the increasing entertainment level provided by Washington and Wall Street.  All, of which, is carefully orchestrated, promoted, and shoved in your face by the bought and paid for Lame Stream Media.

Without a doubt, 2018 is starting to look like an epic Cecil B DeMille film.  (For you youngsters out there, Mr. DeMille was one of the most famous and influential filmmakers in history.)  His credits include, The Ten Commandments, Cleopatra, Sampson and Delilah, and The Greatest Show on Earth.  He is also quoted as saying “Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.”

With all due respect to Mr. DeMille’s legendary track record of over 70 successful feature films (and being acknowledged as a founding father of cinema in the US), he’s about to be displaced by Wall Street.

And the drugs Wall Street “cannot live without” are far more powerful than creativity.

Logically you might think Wall Street’s preferred drug is money.

It’s not…POWER is what they can’t get enough of.

But, like any junkie, it’s only a matter of time before they overdose and end up either committing suicide or be forced into rehab.

Unfortunately, the consequences of their lust affect our global economy.

That’s why they’re in bed with DC.

They’ll use their puppet politicians to pound their chests and say stupid things like:  “Who could have ever foreseen this happening?”  Or “We’re not going to let these Wall Street criminals get away with this again.”

  (Note* Since 2008, DC hasn’t prosecuted any bankster for their obvious crimes.  What makes you think that’s gonna change?)

You’re gonna need lots of popcorn to watch this blockbuster unfold.

Read “Welcome to the New Greatest Show on Earth” in our February newsletter.  (HERE).

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