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It’s Only Gloom and Doom for Dinosaurs

Lately some of our email readers have commented how the tone of our emails tends to focus on the negative.

However, our “…In Plain English” newsletter subscribers know better. 

They get a “behind the scenes” look at the turbulence that will proceed what’s coming down the path.

And they also get actionable ideas on how to profit from what could be the greatest investment opportunity of a lifetime.

But let’s examine the “negative” for a moment.

When we point out how governments across the globe are already in meltdown phase (Including most of Europe, Venezuela, Syria and most of the Middle-East), we’re simply highlighting the obvious.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and that’s exactly what we’re seeing.  And the politician’s solution for all problems always defaults to MORE TAXES.

What these fools fail to recognize is when you rob people of their disposable income they’ll eventually fight back.

Just look at the ongoing “Yellow Vest” movement in Europe.  It started in France over taxes and continues to gain momentum.

Think it can’t happen here?

Think again.

Many of our creepy politicians continue to push to tax companies selling anything on the internet.


As more retail stores continue to vanish, tax revenues are declining.  This makes anyone selling on the internet a prime target.

It also creates a question of legal jurisdiction.

How can a state punish a company that’s not located in their state?

How can they demand they pay taxes when there is no right to representation in that state?

Does this sound like:  NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION to you?

Granted, much of this sounds negative.

But to that we’ll say “It’s only gloom and doom for dinosaurs.”

If you’re not willing to adapt and change your thinking about how the markets work, (or recognize the dangers headed our way) you’ll end up like the dinosaurs.

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