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It’s All Propaganda Now…

Have you noticed how journalist’s ethics have accelerated their decline in recent years?

They don’t report the news.  They either make it up or report what their Wall Street overlords tell them to do.

It’s beyond pathetic…it’s evil.

The proof of how mercenary they’ve become is becoming obvious.

The recent story of the slander smear tactics used against the Covington Catholic school boys encounter with a “Native American” on the footsteps of the Lincoln Memorial is national news.

Liberals seized the moment to condemn the Trump supporting MAGA hat wearing students by whipping the whole event into a bigoted frenzy over the image of a grinning student (Nick Sandmann) standing his ground while the tribal elder pounded his drum and got in his face.

The media assault has gotten so bad that the kids from Covington are facing death threats.


Attacking the kids?  Come on libs and white man haters, your hatred and blindness are looking more like a desperate power grab.

Hillary lost…get over it!

The fake media story leads you to believe that the kids purposely tried to confront the elder and make fun of his ceremonial chanting.

Turns out that the Native American (Nathan Alan Phillips) approached the boys and got in their face while they were singing their school song. 

I wish these events would die off as another distraction tactic by the leftist media miscreants.

Unfortunately, this is yet another event leading to the eventual crash and burn of civil behavior.

After that, expect more violence on the streets.

See how this develops (and how to filter the major media propaganda) in our February newsletter.

You’ll thank us later.

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