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“Ita Leave”…The Final Nail in the Euro Coffin

Flying well under the radar in the US (but certainly not in Europe) is the Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini.

He’s no Donald Trump but he recently declared himself the Leader of Europe’s Future.

Based on his actions (and not just his words) he’s spot on.

He’s speaking for the growing part of Europe who’s waking up to the fact that European Union (EU) has been systematically destroying Europe from their power base in Brussels.

Salvini refuses to budge in negotiations over Italy’s budget which threatens to take down the government.

All I can say to that is “You Go, Dude!”

The Euro has been a mistake since it was introduced (almost 20 years ago).  And it’s about time someone (like Salvini) steps up to the Goldmanites that have controlled Europe finances.

Example: since 2011, former Goldman Sachs exec, Mario Draghi, has served as president of the European Central Bank.

Besides Angela Merkel, Draghi is one of the main reasons why Europe is bankrupt and will crash and burn over their criminal policies.

Salvini’s stance against the “boyz in Brussels” will ultimately cause the Euro to Crack.

When that happens, you can rest assured there will be a microscope applied to every communication that was ever carried out between Draghi and Goldman Sachs.

Rightfully so.

Every questionable trade they’ve pulled off will be inspected exposing the corrupt powerbase of Goldman’s dominance in the European bond market.

And if we’re lucky, the European Sovereign Bond Debt crisis will be the catalyst for the destruction of boyz “Doing God’s Work” at Goldman.

Rest assured they won’t go down without a fight.

However, if Salvini hangs tough, ITALEAVE will lead the charge ending the boyz in Brussel’s push for global control.

Read more about it (HERE).

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