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Is Tucker Carlson Another Distraction?

The uproar of FOX News firing Tucker Carlson has fired up lots of people.  But we wonder, is it just another distraction?

Consider this…

It’s becoming more obvious that Tucker is out because of Fox’s defamation settlement with Dominion.

But…and this is a very VERY Big Butt…

  1. As majority shareholders, doesn’t Blackrock/Vanguard essentially own Dominion?
  2. And as majority shareholders, doesn’t Blackrock/Vanguard essentially own FOX?
  3. So, didn’t they essentially sue themselves?
  4. As a result, they get to write off hundreds of millions of dollars?
  5. Meanwhile they’re playing everyone as suckers and laughing all the way to the bank.

This may sound far-fetched or like something out of a conspiracy theory but…

Behind the scenes, the Boyz pulling the strings have no borders and no countries to consider.

They are a combination of a global power elite, multinational companies, bankers (by definition global) and they have puppets in every “government” of every country of the world.

Another Distraction From the “Boyz”

Tucker Carlson’s immense popularity guarantees he will find another platform to voice his opposition – or whoever is pushing his buttons – over government corruption and railing against “the establishment.”

In fact, without the restrictions of FOX News, Carlson will probably be more aggressive in his reporting.

Way to go, Tucker.




Conservatives need a voice like his.

But, by getting you to believe that guys like Tucker Carlson are a threat to them, they are essentially creating theater for them to entertain distract the masses.

Not surprisingly this theater is controlled by a small group of Banksters.

And that’s precisely why we publish a monthly newsletter that reveals how most of the corruption in the world is a result of what these corrupt Banksters do “Behind the Curtain.”

Originally, our newsletter was called “Simplifying Wall Street…In Plain English” (HERE).

But we changed the name because most people are clueless when it comes to understanding how Wall Street operates.

And whether it’s Tucker Carlson, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or weirdos like Dylan Mulvaney, the Boyz always capitalize on distractions at YOUR expense.

As we are wont to say… “Don’t Take the Bait.”

Instead, learn how to side-step their distractions so you can prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times.

And don’t worry about Tucker Carlson.

He will be just fine.

Become a member of our FREE THINKERS CLUB (HERE) and you won’t get freaked out by the distractions de jour.

Instead, you’ll learn how to profit from them.

Share this with a friend…especially if they are easily distracted.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
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