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Is the Chinese Spy Balloon Really Russian?

When the presstitutes focus on something – like the Chinese Spy Balloon – you can rest assured it’s a well-planned distraction tactic.

And we’ve been pounding the table for years about how the Boyz want you to “look here…don’t look there.”

Not only is it how they make fortunes at YOUR expense in the markets, but it’s also a means of controlling the sheeple similar to the Roman Empire providing “Bread and Circuses” (Cough! Super Bowl, Cough!) for the peasants.

Don’t take the Spy Balloon bait.

Because, before you know it the Boyz will accuse Russia as being behind the Chinese Spy Balloon.

And the absurdity of this madness reminds me of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon series where the Russian spies would say: “The Moose and Squirrel Must Be Involved Somehow.”

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So, before getting caught up in the media madness of a “Chinese Spy Balloon” think for a moment:

  1. How does the most advanced military system on the planet (with a nearly $1 Trillion budget) somehow miss a balloon entering its airspace?
  2. And how did the balloon simply show up after it was above our missile silos (that most of the entire world knows exists)?
  3. Is this the Boyz version of “Ballooney Tunes” so the sheeple forget about WW3?
  4. The whole thing is laughable. We supposedly have defenses against ICBMs, but couldn’t keep a balloon the size of several buses out of our airspace?  Got it.
  5. So, you should consider this a Weapon of Mass Distraction.

Ironically (or NOT), you can literally buy surplus weather high altitude balloons on Ebay.

And do your own Chinese thingy.

“Raunch Barroons!”

But you just get the feeling that Brandon got paid in some way to let this happen.

It’s all very weird.

On the other hand, he probably didn’t even know it was happening.

The point is – and as we are wont to say – they really believe we are that stupid.

And buying into this hysteria gives them more reason to keep dishing it out.

Again, Don’t Take the Chinese Spy Balloon Bait.


Because they’re not about to stop anytime soon.

But when you stop buying into their egregious narrative is when you wake up and know the truth.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

~ John 8:32 ~

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And share this with a friend…especially if they like the Rocky and Bullwinkle series.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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