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Is “Social Distancing” Really Social Engineering?


For those of you who still talk to your neighbors or go to the store – like most people did up until a few weeks ago – have you noticed the hesitance fear you sense when you get close to another person?

In my neighborhood, people seem to be out and about more than normal.  It also appears that even their dogs are rebelling at the number of walks they take every day.

It probably has something to do with the StayAtHome orders coming from “Big Brother” and enforcing “Social Distancing.”

Look at the graphic below – put out by the CDC – regarding the NORMAL flu virus, NOT the coronavirus:

Cdc estimates

The common flu results in over 10 times the number of deaths every year than the recent Kung Flu.

Based on the CDC numbers, why don’t we shut down the entire economy every year for the regular flu?

Instead of looking at this logically, the sheeple bleat:

“But, But, this is different…we’re all gonna die….baaaa! baaaa!  Someone has to save us….baaaaa!

Sorry to burst your “doom porn” bubble, but this whole mess is waaaayyyy to convenient and organized to justify the shutting down of the world economy.

This is politically motivated.

It’s also conditioning the sheeple to get in line, practice social distancing, or you’ll be responsible for the deaths of countless citizens.

It’s called Social Engineering.

At this pace we’ll soon be hearing rumblings of:  “You Need to Report Anyone Who’s Not Complying With Social Distancing,” reminiscent of “If You See Something, Say Something.”

We’re moving closer to Totalitarianism with expanded government overreach keeping you in fear.

You must remember that Government NEVER surrenders power once they have it.

Example:  9/11 gave us the Patriot Act (stripping many of our rights from us) and the TSA (to protect us from terrorists).

Ironically (or NOT) the terrorists have been defeated.

However, the TSA ain’t going away anytime soon…nor will our stolen rights be returned.

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