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Is it Me or Does Jeff Bezos Remind You of Dr. Evil?

If you ever saw any of the hilarious “Austin Powers” movies, you’ll certainly remember the character “Doctor Eeeevil.”

He routinely hatches schemes to terrorize and take over the world (kind of like Amazon without the “Death Star”).

When you compare Amazon’s strategy of terrorizing retail companies and threatening to take over the world, you’ll see similarities that are almost as hilarious as the crazed Dr. Evil himself.

Seriously, how does a company that (up until recently) NEVER made a profit, expect to take over the retail world?

Throw in the recent war of words (tweets) between Bezos and Trump and you have the makings of some great entertainment.  It’s the kind of stuff the Lame Stream Media uses to distract you from the real issues going on with Amazon.

Bezos would have you believe that nothing can stop Amazon.  (Keep in mind this is after 20+ years of losing money).  Recently, however they’re now turning a profit (albeit a small one).

So, what happened that finally made them profitable?

If you look back to their purchase of the Washington Post in October 2013, you’ll go down a rabbit hole that would make Dr. Evil proud.

It’s almost like reading a Tom Clancy novel loaded with intrigue, espionage, and surveillance involving pawns being moved around a global chessboard.  (*note…Tom Clancy died in October 2013…coincidence?)

Whoa!  Wait a minute, James.

Are you talking about the same company that started out selling books online?


And when you discover the real story behind the purchase of The Washington Post (along with details about the CIA’s deal with Amazon) you’ll see Facebook and Google as Dr. Evil’s Mini-me.

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