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I’m Offended by Everyone Being Offended…

Eventually you get sick and tired of hearing snowflakes whine about how they’re offended by any and everything under the sun.

“Trump tweeted mean things,” We must give illegals free healthcare,” “Choosing your own gender is your right” (Smack!…backhand across the face).

I’m sure someone will accuse me of a hate thought crime for that last comment, when, in fact I just echoed what most Americans think when they hear how offended these nutjobs get.

I’m referring to an event that recently happened to a 20-year-old University of Michigan student/beauty queen.

Over the weekend, Kathy Zhu, who won the 2019 Michigan World pageant was stripped of her (several) titles.

According to Miss Zhu, “Miss World America’s State/National/Chief Director accused me of being racist, Islamophobic, and insensitive.

Zhu, who happens to be quite articulate, would not bow to the PC Police at Miss World.

They stripped me of my Miss Michigan title due to my refusal to try on a hijab in 2018, my tweet about black on black gun violence, and “insensitive” statistical tweets.”


Maybe those same officials could explain why they wanted to indoctrinate her into wearing garments from someone else’s religion and asking her to not talk politics when liberal contestants are allowed to bash Trump.

Question:  Are you tired of this rhetoric yet?

2019, The Political Year from Hell shows no signs of easing.  And as 2020 comes around you, can expect the loss of confidence in government to get worse.

The majority of the population won’t be prepared…

Find out how it will affect you and the panic that results from it, in our August Newsletter:



“It’s not even about a crown or a pageant.  It’s about the fact that people really do discriminate against people with conservative views.”

~Kathy Zhu~

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