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How to Survive Violent Market Waves

If you ask any surfer’s opinion about dangerous waves they’ll all agree on one thing.

They may not have the confidence to surf the “big ones,” but they want to.

And their reasoning is similar to investors who understand big market waves.  They give you (the surfer and investor) the ride of your life.  At the same time, you risk getting wiped out.

However, not all waves (in the ocean AND the market) are created equal.  Some are gigantic and crash violently with a short life-span while others may be smaller but provide you with a much longer ride.

One thing we know for sure is that all waves must end…until the next one comes around.

The challenge is (1) choosing which ones you want to ride and (2) knowing when to get in and get out.

You can learn a lot when you study and compare how surfers are like investors.

The best surfers in the world are similar to great investors in that:

  • They study wave patterns and their origins

  • They prepare a mental game plan

  • They keep their emotions in check

  • And they know when to “drop in” and when to “kick out.”

You must also keep in mind that market conditions (like the ocean) are constantly in motion.  If you miss this point, you will get wiped out.

The March issue of Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English features an article that shows you how to surf in any market.

And like everything else we publish, we make it simple and easy for you to understand.

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