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How to Score Massive Wealth Like Billionaires

Most people believe that billionaires are super smart.  And if you want to score massive wealth like them, then you need some super-secret formula.

But the truth is, it’s a lot simpler than you think.

See if any of this sounds familiar:


  1. Buy stock in large publicly traded companies
  2. Have the government shut down your competition while declaring your business to be essential
  3. Also have the government force everyone to purchase your product
  4. Raise prices in your government-enforced monopoly
  5. Purchase a private island in a remote location (like Google co-founder Larry Paige did to avoid tourists who aren’t allowed to travel)


On the topic of raising prices, did you notice how Pfizer and Moderna recently hiked up their vaccine prices by 25%?



Scoring Massive Wealth

Maybe they’re thinking the forced vaccines are gonna increase their sales AND profit margins.

Or Maybe they see themselves as saviors of the world acting in the best interests of mankind.

Or Maybe, JUST MAYBE, they know that the vax rates are dropping off a cliff and that this is their last chance to make some money off of it.

They know – and you should too – that a mandatory vax is in the cards.

But – and this is a really Big Butt – it’s definitely NOT guaranteed.

Regardless if it happens or not, you’re still witnessing a government created monopoly increasing its prices IN YOUR FACE.

This is more proof that – amongst other things – how this was always about a money grab.

Which is why we constantly say that in order to understand why markets react to events – good or bad – you need to “Follow The Money.”

Meanwhile, the Sheeple are crying:  “But, But, what about the eventual FDA approval…won’t that make it safer?”

To that we’ll remind you that Every Drug Ever RECALLED by the FDA, Was Once Deemed “Safe and Effective” by the FDA.

So, if you think it’s too late to score massive wealth like billionaires, get ready for the Zeta, Theta, and Kappa Variants…coming to a police state near you soon.

Cha CHING, Baby!

But if you don’t want to play that game – and if you prefer something more exciting – then don’t miss the upcoming Short and Sweet Tips column in the August edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

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