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How to Read Articles BEFORE They Get Censored.


Having been censored AGAIN, and having my entire list of email subscribers trashed into cyberspace – fortunately I had a backup list – by an email provider whose name I won’t mention (Cough! MAILCHIMP, Cough! Cough!) I’ve decided to speak out.

Actually, this is more of a venting of my frustrations over what is totally wrong with Big Tech’s selling out to the Globalists and destroying our 1st amendment right under all of our collective noses.

At this point I’m afraid this is only going to get worse after the election?


Like we’ve said many times before, NEITHER side will accept a defeat.

Instead they’ll tighten the censorship screws to the point where the average sheeple won’t know what to believe…unless, of course they see/hear it on the Communist News Network.

It’s hard to say who is the worst perpe-traitor here.  Big Tech or the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes.

On one hand, journalists have committed suicide and they don’t even know it yet.


As Marxist regimes rise, they kill off the journalists.  Check your history books if you doubt it.

On the flip side we have Big Tech cutting deals with the Globalists for a piece of the action as we attempt to transform into digital currency.

What they haven’t figured out is how the Globalists will also turn on them when they’re no longer necessary to their nefarious agenda.

However, for the time being, there’s still a way for you to read well informed, and often, valuable content without worrying about censorship.

This isn’t meant to be another shameless pitch for our monthly newsletter…Well, maybe it is…kinda…sorta.

But the truth you must realize is that information falling under a paid subscription category is almost impossible to censor.

It’s also where you’ll find valuable information you otherwise wouldn’t know about.

See what we’re talking about and get an inside track to what really goes on behind the curtain – and how to prepare for the freight train coming our way – in our monthly paid subscription/Non-Censored “…In Plain English” newsletter.

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