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How to LOSE Money Trading Options

I realize a headline about how to LOSE money sounds kinda stupid but it’s the truth.

And it’s because the easiest way to lose money trading options is (Wait for it!), to simply start trading options.  They’re a sucker’s game.  And the vast majority of option investors lose money.

This is contrary to all the newsletters you read about “How to make a fortune with OPTIONS,” but let me ask you a question.  How many people do you know have consistently made a fortune trading options?

I thought so.

So why are these option gurus (who sell expensive option seminars, books and newsletters) so popular?

One word…GREED.

You see it promoted every day on your favorite financial news show.  (That should be your first warning sign to run away)

To unsuspecting investors it’s an easy sell.  Here’s how it works:  (1) You don’t put up a lot of money.  (2) You get rich quick and if you follow their PROVEN method, (3) You’ll be a “Playa” and the envy of all your friends.  At parties, you’ll be the one everyone wants to talk to and get advice from.

It’s the old “celebrity status” theme.

Before you get mad at me, consider this:  In over 37 years as an investment advisor, I have NEVER EVER known anyone who’s consistently made money trading options.

You’d be surprised how normal people become “junkies” to the action.  The difference is these crack-heads are socially acceptable and esteemed.  (Until they crash and burn)

The bottom line is:  The Option market is more rigged (and less regulated) than the stock market.

Keep that in mind before you take the plunge.

And learn how to use options to protect your portfolio (HERE)

P.S.  Check out “Confessions of an option Junkie” in our September newsletter (HERE)

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