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How to Learn From Your Mistakes

When you see someone make the same mistakes over and over again, have you ever stopped and thought: “Why do they keep doing this?”

Or, “What’s it gonna take for them to see the light?

Right now, you’re probably reading this email because you got a copy of our special report “Do You Make These Mistakes When Investing?”

If that’s true, then let me ask you a question:  Are you still making the same mistakes?

Hopefully that’s not the case.

But, if you still struggle with the wicked ways of Wall Street and are frustrated with investing, let me give you one of the most valuable quotes I’ve ever heard.

You would be wise to memorize burn these words into your memory bank…and then make them part of your daily routine.

In addition to helping you make a fortune, they’ll save you an incredible amount of frustration along the way.

Are you ready?

Here they are: “A smart man learns from his mistakes.  But a wise man learns from others mistakes.”

Ta da!

Did you get it?

Or does it sound a bit foolish?

If you think you’ll be a great investor by learning from your mistakes, you’ll end up in the poor house before you know it.


However, if you’re willing to learn from our combined 107+ years of making mistakes on Wall Street (Yes, we’ve made almost every mistake possible) you won’t end up like the 99% who are always wrong.


See for yourself (HERE)


And share this with someone you really care about.  They’ll thank YOU later.



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