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How to Destroy a Society

When it comes to describing how to destroy a society, history is replete with examples.


And when you look at the rise and fall of every empire in history, you’ll notice a pattern that we seem to be following.


It’s true that the world is a much different place than it was 2,000 or 3,000 years ago.  But what is also true is how mankind continues to make the same fatal mistakes repeatedly.


But why?


The answer is so simple, you’ll need someone to help you misunderstand it.


Are you ready?


History repeats because The Passions of Man Never Change.


To illustrate this point, here are some comments from our readers that we get on a regular basis:


“Why is everything so crazy these days?

Is everyone in the government corrupt?

Who can believe anything the media puts out?

Why do they hate Trump so much?

Is the FBI and CIA totally corrupt?

Do you think millions will die from the Covid Vax?”



While we don’t claim to have the answer for all the above questions, we have compiled a Top 10 list of events/actions that history shows to be consistent in societies decline.


And for simplicity’s sake we call it:


How to Destroy a Society *



(* Note…see if you notice similarities that have occurred in the last 30-50 years)




  1. Make Art Ugly
  2. Make P**nography Free
  3. Make God a joke
  4. Make Food Poison
  5. Make Dads Optional
  6. Make Politicians Rich
  7. Make Money Worthless
  8. Make Buildings Oppressive
  9. Make Men and Women Compete
  10. Make Children Hate Their Ancestors



Suffice it to say we can put a check mark on all the above…and then some.


Ironically (or NOT) there remains a group of people who are considered MAGA extremists with an agenda that wants to:



  1. Secure the borders
  2. Secure the elections
  3. Have U.S Energy Independence
  4. Get tough on crime
  5. Protect the Unborn
  6. Stop Child Genital Mutilation
  7. Have Parents Decide for Their Kids What’s Best
  8. Promote School Choice
  9. Defend the Constitution
  10. Put America First



But sadly, there is a strong political opposition to the “MAGA Extremists.”


And it’s at the heart of how to destroy a society.


But the good news is we are seeing a ground swell in the number of people who are waking up to the ideologies that have been destroying our society.


As a result, we will eventually see those in control – Who Openly Mock Us – ultimately fail.


Read more about how they fail in our October issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


Remember:  The Madness Ends When We Say NO!


Share this with a friend…even if they’re clueless about how to destroy a society.

They’ll thank YOU later.


And tell them:


We’re Not Just About Finance

But we use finance to give you hope.








Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
The Reverend of Finance
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