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How to Control Terrorism

There is no doubt that terrorism exists today.

But what’s surprising is most people think it’s something relatively new.


History has always shown that terrorism eventually invades every society.


And at times the good guys are considered terrorists.


The classic example of this is how our founding fathers were considered “pesky terrorists” in the eyes of the British.

The truth was we fought them for the freedoms that America offered.

That, in itself, was part of the foundation that originally made America great.


Today, stupid politicians are using the term “terrorism” as a way to take away our guns under the guise of “Gun Control.”  They say it’s their way of protecting us.


They’re lying.

Gun Control is Not About Guns…It’s About Control.


You need to consider this a personal issue.




If you aren’t willing to defend your life, what makes you think someone else is?


When the British decided to take away our guns, we shot them.

This established an historical precedent…the rest is history.


Today, that precedent is under fire (pun intended) and the terrorists aren’t necessarily illegal immigrants trying to invade our country.


Unfortunately, far too many politicians are saying they’ll enforce gun control as a way of controlling terrorism.


LOL!  These are the same people who have body guards with guns to protect them.


Ironically (or NOT) They are guilty of political terrorism…and will use any excuse to label you as a (MAGA)terrorist.







In my humble opinion (IMHO) if you really want to control terrorism, follow these steps:


  1. Buy a Gun

  2. Learn how to use it

  3. Carry it with you.


And as The Political Chaos of 2023 descends int0 2024, you should expect to experience more Turbulent Times.


Panic cycles and civil unrest is on the rise…and will continue to increase as we get closer to the 2024 election.


The markets know this in advance and will respond accordingly with panic cycles.

But don’t let “political terrorism” threaten you.


Instead, learn how to profit in panic cycles (HERE).


Share this with a friend…especially if they fail to grasp the 2nd amendment.

They’ll thank YOU later.


And tell them:


We’re Not Just About Finance

But we use finance to give you hope.





Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
The Reverend of Finance
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